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One-OFF Power Session

Working on your mind in just one private 1:1 Coaching session might be just what you need to "get your head straight again"

Sometimes there is coming something up in life and we need to talk to someone who can help us to understand our own thinking better and shows us our mind. 

For these moments I have create the possibility for my clients to work with me in a single 1:1 coaching session. 

You can basically bring anything you want, and we will take the time to look at things. Come as you are, in exactly that moment. No need to have it all figured out, I will help you to zoom out of your thinking for this one session to afterwards zoom in again with a fresh perspective on things.

One-Off 60 min Power Session via zoom. 

Relationship Issues

Do you have a certain topic or problem you want to talk through to help you shift your perspective on things and to stop fighting with reality?


You would like to feel more confident in your own skin and stop the inner voice that constantly holds you back to enjoy being you?


Are you procastinating on something and you want to to see what is actually holding you back to move into action?

Young Adults

Teenage years can be truly challenging and learning how to manage your mind can be one of the most helpful things during this period.

Time Management

Learn how to set yourself up for success and get the things done while enjoying more free time.

Goal Setting

Decide on setting a goal for yourself and brainstorm on what needs to shift internally to move yourself forward. 

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