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Why you never "have to" coach on "money objections".

You never “have to” coach on “money objections” - here’s why:

You can decide today that your best-fit clients are only “hell yes” clients.

Your job is not to sell your prospects on your offer but, first of all, yourself on the value you offer them.

Know that you are your first best client, and as long as you don’t embody that what you offer them is worth x times the price you charge, you are probably the biggest money objection in your business yourself.

If a client wants to work with you and has difficulties making an investment in themselves because they aren’t used to spending money on coaching, you can offer to help them release this mental block if they want and agree on this.

This means they subconsciously already are a “yes” and want to work with you. They need to talk it through with another brain that is unattached to the outcome!

Never come from a place where a client says “no” to working with you is because you have not coached effectively or intensively enough on “money objections.”

This is BS and never true, as I believe our clients are perfectly capable of knowing if they want coaching or not.

We can help them see the value and also what it means for them to say hell yes to themselves, but turning someone around is neither an art nor something I teach my clients to do.

For me, this is out of integrity.

Again, there is a difference between someone “being” a no and someone simply having difficulties allowing money to flow for the sake of their own being.

Make sure you allow enough space and clarity to distinguish these two and ask for permission when it comes to coaching someone on their thoughts around money and investing in a coaching program.

I like to call this integrity.

Ensure you keep yours and the integrity of your prospect clients.

They will thank you for this.

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