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Building a successful coaching or online business doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.

My work is devoted to helping coaches and creatives get clear on their next steps and create a simple and effective marketing strategy that¬†magnetically¬†attracts their ready-to-buy audience‚ÄĒin just 15 hours a week.

Become sold out without burnout. 

Because you are meant to shine, and you deserve to be seen.


Discover who you really are and embody your brilliance. Get crystal clear on your coach identity.

Own your unique magic and become the go-to expert in your niche. Create a magnetic personal brand.

Define your message.
Develop your signature program & learn how to market your business.

External win: I more than doubled my income and landed every potential sale. I have a newsletter that got over 75% open rate. I'm not afraid to shift my content as I think I need to. While I still feel like I could be doing more because I know it's my nature, I know by now it doesn't have to occupy eight hours a day to grow my business. So, another internal win is confidence.‚ÄĚ

- Meredyth E.

  • You can't decide on your niche or coach identity. You don't know what makes you unique for your best-fit clients or how to position yourself as a personal brand in your business.
  • You haven't discovered your values or your purpose, you don't really know what deeply drives you. Your brand has "no taste", you aren't excited about what you have to offer.
  • You are procrastinating on getting yourself out there. You don't know how to position yourself as an expert in your niche or how to talk to your best-fit clients about the results they will experience through working with you.
  • You feel overwhelmed about creating your signature offer, growing your audience, and feeling grounded in your coaching. Marketing your business and writing copy that sells is something you have never done before.



You are a personal brand whenever you are putting yourself out there. Most people don't own their brilliance and haven't connected the dots to who they really are.
- Nina Lacher // Lafeliz Coaching

Have you ever thought how fabulous having a coach for your life and business would be?

Someone who has been exactly where you are now and helps you navigate all the questions you might have while growing your business.

Someone who can see your unique magic and helps you to create yourself and own your superpowers.

Someone who deeply believes in you before you do.

Someone who helps you connect all the missing dots that you cannot see for yourself but which make all the difference in how you position and market your brand.

Someone who shows you how to nail your message so you can't wait to put yourself out there.

Well, congratulations! That's me.


  • Decide on your niche with clarity and ease, never doubting yourself again and what only you can bring to the table in your life & business.


  • Create a business and brand you feel truly excited about, knowing how to market yourself & your business.


  • Learn how to market your business to your best-fit clients only


  • Stop letting outside circumstances dictate how you show up for yourself and your business‚Äč


  • Show up as your most magnetic self, feeling empowered and ready to outgrow yourself


  • Create your signature program and build your audience



Pick a spot on my calendar and book a call to tell me where you are and where you want to go.


Working with me, you will learn to market yourself with confidence & and fun, so growing your business is easy


Creating your life  and business from your future self while becoming the most magnetic version for yourself and your clients.



My name is Nina Lacher, and I am a certified life coach.


I gained a profound knowledge of marketing and e-commerce business over the last 20 years, working as an international model from a very young age and then building one of the first sustainable yoga online brands in the German market. 


I traveled and worked intensely in competitive surroundings, building my company from scratch while raising two girls with my husband. 


For most of us, success happens on the outside, while failure and self-doubt happen on the inside.


I know how constantly pushing yourself feels, expecting to over-deliver whenever possible. 

My life was busy and engaged, and I often felt stressed, questioning if this was what I wanted.


Until I decided on a massive identity shift.

I trained at the prestigious "The Life Coach School" and followed my passion for people and everything related to the mind.


Today I am passionate about working with high-achieving female entrepreneurs and life coaches to get unstuck.

From procrastination and self-doubt to move them forward into action to a fully connected, magnetic life from the inside out.


I help my clients to discover who they are, so they can step into their zone of genius and ignite their superpowers.

My strength is to see the brilliance in others before they can see it for themselves.


Creating yourself and becoming who you really are is the fastest way to success.


Growing a new business is also shifting into a new identity. This can be the most challenging part because what got you here won't get you there.‚Äč


I help my clients with precisely this.

Getting crystal clear on who they really are so that they can build a brand they

truly fall in love with.


For me, that is what I call Magnetic Marketing


I know you.

You probably have been excellent at what you do or have done in your life until now; you have been living up to the expectations of others in different roles in your busy life, but still, there is this feeling of yearning deep inside you that there is more to life.

More to you?


You are tired of feeling stuck and playing small, but you don't know where to take "this."

You have been highly functioning, saying yes to things when you'd rather say no.


And you are done with it.


In your mind, you are all in, you want to build this business, and you love what you do,  but in life, you catch yourself feeling like a fraud, unable to show up and get your business going.

Taking the next step feels hard, and you procrastinate, feeling stuck in indecision on how to move the needle in the right direction.


I get you. 


It's your first time building a business where you are your "own brand," and it feels scary.


You may have already taken a coach certification or worked as a coach but want to redefine your brand or pivot your niche.


You don't know how to connect the dots; you are ruminating about your "ideal client" or what to do next in your business. You don't know which identity switch to put on.


But only until now.


Now let's get the needle moving. I am with you along the way, and we will get you going.


It's going to be fun, and it's going to stretch you at the same time.


But you will feel as alive as you haven't felt for a long time.


You put yourself out there, signing the clients, creating the offer, and launching the program. You will create a strategy to grow your business and your mind at the same time.


You will be amazed about what is possible for you in your life.


You have my word.‚Äč


1:1 Coaching


Embody Your Brilliance: During six months of 1:1 coaching, you will work on becoming your most magnetic self...

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Magnetic Marketing Group Coaching


Magnetic Marketing is my 16-week program customized for you and your business to build on your brand & marketing.

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 90 mins About You


life's purpose to connect the dots and enable you to write your most aligned "About you" for your website.

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Nina Lacher Lafeliz Coaching


You are stuck in your life or business and don't know where to take "this."
I help you to own your brilliance in your life and business so you finally get the needle moving by building a brand you feel deeply connected to.



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