Nina Lacher Lafeliz Coaching



How it works:

In weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, we will dive deep into your unique essence, and I will help you discover what you want to create, not what you think you should.


Personal Branding is not only for entrepreneurs or brands but really for who we are deciding on being in this world. How we show up for ourselves, and with which energy we will fill the room.

Once we get crystal clear on our deep why and what makes us stand out, we step into our most magnetic self. 

During our time together, I will help you to cut away the fluff and up-level your thinking in every area of your life.

Our sessions can be recorded, so you can always go back and re-listen to something that really triggered a thought or helped you to challenge your thinking.

You will receive unlimited Voxer support between sessions, so if you need to connect with me, I will support you.

This coaching is for you if you are ready to:

  • Stop playing small in your life and stop the negative self-talk that doesn't lead you anywhere

  • Raise your vibration, commit to your personal growth, and establish new beliefs about what is possible for you and your business.

  • Ready to let go of the old stories, people, and habits that do not serve you, energize you or support your growth

  • Cultivate an unshakable self-belief.

  • Tap into your truest essence and fully embody the woman you know you're meant to be

  • To create the life you want instead of dwelling in a "victim mentality" that keeps you stuck in this limited version of yourself.

  • Learn how to create a self-image that will encourage you to reinvent your life and surroundings so you finally feel entirely aligned with the life you choose for yourself.

Book your free consultation call now and learn more about working 1:1 with me to step into your most magnetic self.