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inspire people,
don´t show them your superpowers.

My name is Nina Lacher, and I am a certified life coach.

I was born and raised in Germany, and today I live on the most beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, offering coaching in German and English.

For the past two decades, I've worked in fashion and e-commerce. During that period, you could find me traveling or working on building my company while raising two fantastic daughters with my husband, Alex.

I've always been a high-achiever, and I know how it feels to expect yourself to overdeliver whenever possible while trying to balance out your career and private life simultaneously.


At one point, I realized that my life looked great on the outside, but on the inside, it felt like I had lost connection to myself.


​That was when everything changed.

I decided to reinvent myself, go all-in, and allow myself to follow my biggest passions: people, mindset, and business.

I am here to help and support you while creating an identity that allows you to enter your genius zone and ignite your superpowers. 

Working as a professional model in my early twenties and co-founding the yoga label OGNX in 2012, a sustainable e-commerce sportswear brand, I was able to develop extensive knowledge in building an online company, creating compelling visual content for different products while also developing other skills sets to create magic in marketing your brand.

Working together, I will guide you to find your own version of success and help you create a business you truly love.

Here is my advice: The most effective way to grow your business is to find out who you are and do it on purpose.


While working as an international model, I was able to travel the world and meet many different people and cultures. Today I call this the moment I started to fall in love with humans and their minds because I repeatedly worked with news teams in new places and experienced so many different approaches to life.

Animal prints and mixing bold colors & patterns are my signature style. I like to match things that most people think don´t. I love the unexpected and enjoy expressing myself with fashion.

Animals are an important part of my life. I love horse riding, my horse Camerad and my rescue dog Ricky and Amy. Ricky follows me everywhere. We also have cats, and sometimes I catch myself laughing about how I ended up living on an island in Spain with so much nature around me, wearing rain boots most of the time, while my twenties were all about living a very hedonistic, glamorous lifestyle (and YES! It was fun!).

Together with my husband, Alex, I have created one of the first online-only sustainable yoga fashion brands in Germany - OGNX - and started from zero knowledge. I just was very into fashion and yoga, and yes, I made many mistakes from which I grew so much.

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