Nina Lacher Lafeliz Coaching



My name is Nina Lacher, and I am a certified life coach.

I was born and raised in Germany, and today, I live on the most beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, offering coaching in German and English.

Working as an international model from an early age, I travelled over 200 days yearly with constantly changing teams.


I spent many hours travelling the world by myself, transitioning from one shooting to another in trains, airports, or hour-long drives.


I often had deep conversations with total strangers or people I met while waiting at airports or on shootings with make-up artists and team colleagues I never met before.


There was little time to get comfortable with people, and I developed an intuitive instinct to capture people's essence and uncover their brilliance. I focused on the positive, the outstanding side of them.


I managed to really "get" people by asking endless questions.


I learned to listen deeply and sensed how people felt by watching them, their facial expressions, and their body language.


Making friends became really easy for me, and I adapted to new places almost immediately.

For my clients, this means that I am highly receptive to their strengths, what makes them unique, and I often get the feedback that people enjoy being in my presence as they start learning to see themselves through my lens - with much more love and believe in themselves, their gifts, and unique stories.


I love people and focus on possibility instead of lack or limitations.


In fact, positivity is one of my greatest strengths, as well as connectedness. I "get" my clients on a profound, intuitive level. Feeling deeply seen helps them open up and create impactful results quickly.

Travelling to the extent I did in those days, I learned to adapt to my environment, and challenges became adventures. Life was fast, furious, and often fun.


In my modelling days, I was surrounded by some of the most beautiful people I knew, and comparing myself constantly to the competition often made me feel insecure and "not enough."


I don't remember a time in my life when, from the outside, things probably looked fun and amazing; I earned a lot of money, was travelling the world, and did a job most girls dream of, and yet, I was deeply insecure about myself, my identity and often felt lost in a world in which women are products.


You have to perform under a high level of pressure and stress in a really competitive and highly superficial surrounding.

Things are never as they seem.


I worked with women who seemed to have it all but were highly insecure about their ability to create and grow a successful business because of the self-perception they developed over time.


You can be successful on the outside but be highly insecure, feeling lost on the inside.


Success isn't equivalent to happiness. And yet, happiness can be created.

I was always self-employed, except for a short period when I worked for Lufthansa as an air hostess at age 19.


I was always ambitious, and I definitely call myself a high achiever.


After I gave birth to our first daughter, I decided to slow down my travelling lifestyle.


I worked in the media business as a freelance in different leadership positions, leading teams and managing projects and events.


Shortly after our second daughter was born, I co-founded a sustainable online yoga label and was the CEO for almost a decade while the company was evolving and growing.


I know how to work and grind if necessary, and I love to do excellent work and accomplish the goals I have set for myself and my business.


I am a life-long learner and thrive when I grow and implement knowledge.

My clients often tell me that my approach to helping them grow is warm and loving yet focused and straight to the point.


My clients are ambitious and often have high expectations for themselves. They are business-driven and want to grow their mind and business.


They have decided that it is time to unravel the levels of their conditioning and step into their most powerful vision for themselves.


My work includes transformational mindset- and positive psychology tools to help them prime their thinking and ability to thrive.


I integrate two decades of marketing and best business practices while working on their personal brand, marketing, and business strategies.


You can never outgrow your self-perception, and my clients often experience self-doubt and constantly question themselves as they haven't stepped into owning who they are.

Money is an energy exchange, and l love helping my clients expand their mindset around money and step into their full-thought leadership and CEO mindset.

I always knew how to create an abundant life, and I enjoy making money.


I became a six-figure earner for the first time in my early twenties, working as a model.

I don't believe in playing small.


Your voice matters. And your work matters, too.


I help my clients unleash their it-factor and own their unique brilliance.


My mantra is: If I can do it, you can do it too.


Financial independence and the possibility to enjoy my life fully have always been important internal drivers for me.


Seeing my clients create themselves and their businesses flourish is highly rewarding for me.

I co-founded one of Germany's first "online only" sustainable yoga wear labels in 2012. I stepped back from the CEO position once I pivoted into coaching.

I am very familiar with all the challenges building and growing an online business will surface, from tech to marketing to creating structure and products and managing teams.


It also helped me see that I'd much rather work with people and their minds than sell yoga pants, even if they were really fun and fancy. You can check them out here.

I love to read and educate myself. Besides positivity, learning is one of my biggest strengths.

Always expanding and growing my knowledge, I invest an important amount of the money I earn into my business and deepen my education to support my clients with the most efficient and up-to-date scientific tools and mindset strategies.


I have learned from some of the top contributors in the coaching industry, such as Brooke Castillo, Lindsay Dotzlaf, Kelly Diels, Lisa Martinello, Marie Forleo, Susan Hyatt, Steven Chandler, Rich Litvin, Kat Arapis, and Niyc Pidgeon.

I honor my coaches, mentors, and teachers and am grateful for every opportunity that allowed me to learn from them.


I am a multiple-certified coach, acting from a place of high integrity and passion for helping my clients thrive.

I speak three languages fluidly. Language has always been my passion, as I understand it is the key to people's hearts.

This means I acknowledge the importance of language and messaging for my clients.


For coaches, using the right words to speak to their best-fit clients is essential if the copy is supposed to do the marketing at one point.


I emphasize soulful messaging and don't believe in painpoint- or persuasive marketing strategies. I teach my clients to market and sell with integrity.

My father worked in one of the leading psychological institutes in Germany as a behavioral psychologist for over 20 years.

Through him, I learned so many things about the human mind before I could truly understand the depth of all this.


My father loves people and showed me how to be compassionate and curious about the different approaches to life.


This love for people passed on to me, and I was thinking about studying psychology for some time, but then turned away from it because I felt it focussed too much on the "damaged" part of humans instead of their strength.


This is also why I have decided to become certified as a Positive Psychology Coach. I always have and always will build on my client's strengths, not "defects."

Yoga and meditation have become part of my life since my early twenties. I learned about Buddhism and Meditation and worked for Yoga Journal Germany as a Project Manager for some years.

There is so much more to what we see.


In fact, our thoughts and feelings are complex, and we can be our biggest enemies.


Therefore, working on your mindset, which I like to call "Mastering Emotional Discipline," is one of the most important and rewarding paths I have taken.


I integrate these experiences in working with my clients as they create themselves and their businesses.

And if there is one thing I would like you to know about me, it is that I deeply care for my clients.

For me, there is no more rewarding vocation than helping people to expand their minds and own their brilliance.


And, of course, helping them to step into an abundant life while growing a business they absolutely love.

Currently, I have opened up two more spots for 1:1 private coaching. Mainly, I coach in my Mastermind Magentic Marketing, an intimate group coaching training, and also co-host The Body, Mind & Heart Coach Certification in German language, together with Dr.Alexandra Kleiner twice per year.



My top five strengths are positivity, learner, connectedness, input, and empathy.

I am an Enneagram type 3, and also a Projector in Human Design.

Animal prints and mixing bold colors and patterns are my signature style. I like to match things that most people think don´t. I love the unexpected and enjoy expressing myself with fashion.

Animals are an important part of my life. I love horse riding, my horse Camerad, and my rescue dog Ricky and Amy. Ricky follows me everywhere. We also have cats, and sometimes I catch myself laughing about how I ended up living on an island in Spain with so much nature around me, wearing rain boots most of the time, while my twenties were all about living a very hedonistic, glamorous lifestyle (and YES! It was fun!).

I am a coffee lover and a chocolate addict. My favorite dish is always the dessert, and I especially love Tiramisu or Banoffee cake, which is a typical dish here in Spain.