Do you have never-ending niche drama? Do you keep on spinning in your head about who you are being as a coach? You ask yourself what exactly makes you an expert with your clients.


Why it is so important to make your clients understand who you are:

  • Coaching is a highly personal process. We, as coaches, are holding space for our clients, diving deep with them into their own beliefs and the ways how they learned to operate their lives. This process requires much trust from our clients. Trust in you, that you actually are the person who really understands their problem and can help them move forward.


  • The more our clients easily understand who we are, and what experiences we come from, what we have to bring to the table in terms of our own life experiences, the easier it will get for them to trust us ahead of time and reach out to us.


  • I help you find the words to frame your very unique and fascinating "About You", so you can use what we will discover in this session to talk to your "ideal client" without second guessing what you have to offer and why you are the perfect coach for them ever again.


  • I help you eliminate typical "coach speech" like "I help you overcome self-limiting beliefs" that won't help you speak to your clients but rather leaves them insecure about why exactly you can help them.


  • No one is you, and no one can help your clients exactly like you are able to help them because of what made you the coach you are today. Diving deep into your own purpose and maybe hearing you articulate the words you never found before will be a truly remarkable moment for stepping into your own power to let clients come to you instead of you searching for them.

What the session includes:


  • 90 mins 1:1 online session (recorded for you)
  • Worksheet sent to you upfront to directly dive deeper into our session

During our session together, we will frame your unique “About You” so that when you will write copy or someone else does it for you, they have the perfect framework to use your words that we have put into a completely new and much deeper perspective.

After our session, you will have clarity about what exactly you have to offer that no one else can, why it is so unique, and who to market it to.