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I have created free resources for you to dive into and implement into your brand & business. You can also find podcasts & interviews about how I help my clients create their results through working with me.

Starter Kit List

In this list, you will find everything you need to start and grow your online coaching business. All my lists are personally curated and are constantly updated. So you will always know what has been working for me in building my brand and business.


My Curated Book List

I love books and believe they are some of the best resources for coaches and creatives to learn and grow their mindset and business. Again, this list is always updated, and you will definitely find some gems here. Don´t miss out on it.


Podcast Coaching Masters

Lindsay Dotzlaf invited me onto her podcast. I was thrilled. I adore her and the work she does and it was so much fun to share my experience and journey as a coach and working with her.


YogaWorld Podcast / German

Dr.Alexandra Kleiner and I have been invited to the YogaWorld podcast to discuss the art of freedom and how coaching can help you achieve your personal freedom. This episode is in German.


Speaking Gig in Munich

Dr.Alex Kleiner and Nina Lacher holding a talk about creating happiness and the surprising facts around this fascinating emotion. This talk was part of the YogaWorld show in October 2023 in Munich and is in German.


Podcast Simplify to Scale

Kat Arapis invited me to be on her podcast. We talked about my journey to becoming a sold-out coach during my first year in business and how I learned to manage my mind around overworking and scaling my business.


YogaWorld Podcast / German

I have been invited again to the Yogaworld Podcast to talk about efficient time management and time planning.


Discover Your Clients' Mind

Grap your secret cheats sheet on how to uncover the power of psychographics vs. demographics of your clients.