Confidence unleashed or how to conquer your fears.

Oct 08, 2023

There's always something new to explore and learn in the world of personal development and business coaching and this journey of self-discovery often takes unexpected turns.


I like to set a monthly focus for my Sunday Love Letter and the topic I chose for October, emerged from a fascinating moment of insight through a conversation with one of my clients.


Confidence unleashed or how to conquer your fears:


This conversation led me to making a pivotal decision about diving deep into the realms of fear, excitement, and confidence.


I knew I wanted to write about emotions, considering my ongoing certification as a Positive Psychology Coach. However, I hadn't pinpointed which emotion would be most helpful to focus on for my clients. That is until an unexpected voice message from one of my Mastermind clients inspired me.


In this message, my client shared her journey of deliberately conquering her discomfort with frequent social media engagement. But what truly caught my attention was the fearless leap the client had taken – she had gone skydiving, jumping out of an airplane! And she enjoyed it!


What's more, she had not only conquered her fear but had transformed it into excitement.


Her newfound mantra was simple yet powerful: "If I can jump out of an airplane, I can post on Social Media."


I was out walking my dogs and by listening to message, I almost dropped my phone; The idea of applying such an extreme experience to overcome her fear of social media was nothing short of remarkable.


Transforming Fear into Excitement:


I responded to my client with a powerful concept: What if excitement could be the antidote to fear? What if we could reframe our fear as curiosity, as excitement, a desire for new experiences, rather than allowing it to paralyze us?


Fear is a universal human emotion, and it takes various forms in our lives. For some, it's the fear of social media exposure, while for others, it might be the fear of public speaking or making crucial decisions. Regardless of the specific fear, one common thread often runs through - a lack of confidence.


Confidence, or the lack of it, is something many of my clients encounter at different points in their journeys. Despite their brilliance in their respective fields, the need for confidence persists. But how do we attain it? Is it a prerequisite for action, or is it something that can be developed and nurtured?


The October Focus: Confidence from the Inside Out:


As a result of my clients' shared struggle, I decided to dedicate the entire month of October to the topic of confidence.


I recognized that building a successful business often asks us to unravel the layers of our internal conditioning and continually challenge ourselves to break through the invisible belief ceilings we've constructed.


There is a profound connection between our inner and outer worlds. What we project externally is often a reflection of our internal state. Building a successful business, therefore, demands that we address and nurture our inner confidence.


We cannot outgrow our self-perception:


But we can decide to create ourselves, instead of letting our inner limiting beliefs run the show for how we show up in our lives and businesses.


And a final note before I am off to another walk with my two doggies: You don’t need confidence to build a successful business. And you don’t need to fake it, till you make it.


You only need to fake it, til you "become" it.


That is an utterly different approach that I teach my clients while working with me either in 1:1 private coaching or my Mastermind Magnetic Marketing.


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