Do you know your upper limit belief-ceiling?

Jan 06, 2023

What´s on your mind?




This is a question I like to ask my clients when starting our coaching conversation.




At the beginning of our time together, some of my clients think they need to bring something specific to our calls.




This isn't always true. I will always check in during a 1:1 conversation if they have anything specific on their mind to bring to our call. Still, the most life-changing conversations sometimes happen while allowing the conversation to develop as we go.


Working with me as your coach, we will often look into what you want and what you really need.




These are two completely different things, and often, living our busy lives, we confuse one or the other and get stuck in making the "right" decision for ourselves and our lives or business.




I once read an equation that resonated deeply with me:


Fear = Anxiety plus Uncertainty.




The fear of making a wrong decision keeps us from making decisions that move us closer to where we want to go.




But certainty is an illusion.


And as soon as we understand this equation, we can handle the anxiety that always comes along while leaving our comfort zone. The feeling of uncertainty will go away as soon as we make a decision.




I coach my clients a lot about living in the paradox of our lives.




Our minds want clarity and are seeking the easiest way out. I call this "Black & White thinking."




But things are never only black & white. They have facettes. And so have the decisions we are making for ourselves & our lives.




As soon as you learn to get more grounded in your values and vision, you will become more grounded in making decisions.


Fear can also be described as an upper-limit reaction.


We all have upper limits regarding the success we tolerate in our lives or the capacity of money we allow ourselves to have/ earn. For how much happiness we create in our lives. And also for our relationships.




This may sound crazy, but each of us has upper limits that we most probably won't break through if we don't work on the limiting beliefs and thought errors that are causing these invisible glass ceilings.




Working with me, we do precisely this.


We work on your upper limits. The invisible glass ceilings keep you from reaching what you really want and what you need to decide to take the right action to get there finally.




I have put together a few questions to help you reflect on your upper limits:

  • What is one decision you know has to be made for some time but you haven't made so far? And why?

  • What do you think is possible for you in your life, and what is not? Why do you think it isn't?

  • What is the amount of money you are comfortable earning? When does it get bumpy? Start with €20.000, and go up, doubling the amount. When do you notice you start thinking, "This isn't possible for me"? That's your upper limit.

  • If you think about showing up for yourself more, for example, when it comes to owning your desires, at what point do you think "This is selfish." And what would you keep on doing if this thought wasn't true?


Reflecting on your upper limits with a coach by your side, a trusted thinking partner can be truly insightful because you can never outgrow your self-perception. I work a lot with my clients on tapping into their wisdom, their inner voice. That will help them understand why they are where they are and what brought them here. And how they can create the next version of themselves from the level of being, not having.




Waiting for something to change in your life is the best way to disappointment.




Learning to spend more time in the already "being" state of whatever it is you want to create in your life is vital to finally "having" it.


The results you are currently seeing in your life & business right now are created by the quality of your thinking.




Better quality thoughts = better results.


Own your desires.


By deciding of being who you want to become today.


One of the ways to work on breaking through your own upper-limit belief ceiling is to join my first German-speaking group coaching program - Magnetic Marketing - Unleash The It Factor Of Your Life & Business - The German Edition, starting January 17th.




This will be an intimate group coaching container with only six spots - 5 of them are already taken.








We will work together for four months. Four months in which you will take your skills as a coach or service-based business owner and your personal brand to the next level. Or off the ground.




This program is for you if you want to ensure you are taking your coaching business from a “hobby” to a money-generating business. And your mind from imposter syndrome to the CEO of a company you are obsessed with.




We will work on three main topics:



  • your mindset

  • your coaching skills and/or your skills in dealing with different kinds of people and situations

  • your marketing skills to create your personal brand and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche



I am more than excited to run this program for the second time, as seeing the results my coaches created in the first round blew my mind.




One thing that got mentioned repeatedly was the clarity they gained about themselves and their business.




Being clear on who you are for yourself and your clients is priceless, as it takes out all of the mind drama most new entrepreneurs will find themselves in while starting or pivoting their business.




Knowing how to talk to your best-fit customer is an art. And so is selling. We will dive into both. And so much more.


If you want more details about the program, get in touch with me at [email protected]

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