How to Build a Successful Coaching Business on Your Own Terms

Jul 13, 2022

Lately, I had a call with one of my 1:1 clients.




We have been working together for several weeks in a 6-months container to get her coaching business off the ground.




She made massive progress in setting up her business and defining her coach identity, niche, offer, and how she wants her business to operate.




My client loved making progress, but she also felt tired. She needed rest but didn't want to slow down because she was afraid she would lose momentum.




She is a high-achieving, driven person who also is an HSP (highly sensitive person).




I believe empathy is a superpower when working as a coach. But of course, if you are using it against yourself without even being aware of it, it can slow you down enormously.




When we kept talking, I asked her how she thought she could allow herself to pause and get the rest she felt she needed while moving her business forward.




At this point in her head, it was black or white, an either-or decision.


Resting and giving herself what she needed OR keep working on her business success.




This pattern happens to many coaches & entrepreneurs over and over again; their brain tells them, if they don’t have the one thing 100% in place, or if they haven’t overcome or mastered a certain topic in their life (that they maybe even coach on), they don’t give themselves permission to move forward and take action in their business or grow further into their coach identity.


Back to my client:




We talked about what made her feel drained. We discovered the way her brain works is that if she plans her week too rigorous, like trying to plan in her free time upfront (what I usually recommend to my clients) and then planning her tasks accordingly, she would have planned-in time for breaks when she didn't feel like needing them and no time for breaks when she felt drained and depleted while trying to finish something she committed to do.




It felt like a trap, and she could only lose: her well-being or the growth of her business.




Listening to her, I understood that what she needed was to allow herself to rest whenever needed. Not when planned ahead of time, while also finding a way to accomplish the things she wanted to.




She is very creative and needs to work according to her energies, not according to a strict schedule she tied herself up in days ago, which wouldn't consider her actual state of being.




She decided to commit to 20 hours weekly of working on the growth of her business while trying to finish 3-5 weekly tasks in 15 hours. Five hours of this time, she would plan for pauses whenever needed.




This was the moment she completely lit up.




She never allowed herself to see her rest time as a time that was NEEDED to let her business grow. Until today it was a minus, something she was hesitant to give herself because she thought it was making her less effective.




I like to call this „positive burnout. “ 




My clients are burning for their business because they create them out of a passion for what they love. They are driven to accomplish their goals.




Instead of looking at the time when she rests as something that will slow down her business growth, she can now see that resting is essential to building her business.




I work with my clients on what works for them and how they need to set up their business so that it will nourish them in the long run.


It is allowed to be fun AND easy.




We often play our own mental game against ourselves without realizing it. This keeps us from having better results way faster, with a lot less brain drain, especially in the beginning stages of building our business.




I don’t sell a one-size-fits-all formula. It doesn’t work.




The clients I work with all have different personalities and different needs or circumstances in their lives. I help them to recreate rules for their business that work for them. That doesn´t limit them but sets them up for success.




Not how they think it „should“ be done. Or how everybody else does it.




For this client, it is now: „Rest time is office hours.“




What works for you also works for your business. It’s that simple.




I have decided to have a flexible schedule for my business. This way, I can work with my clients who live in different time zones. On some days, I may work during the morning. On other days, I may only work at night after 8 pm. And on still other days, I may only work during the afternoon.




Also, I only accept a certain number of 1:1 clients.


Working with me is a highly personal experience. My private clients have Voxer access to me. I am available for them in between sessions.




I love working like this. And this is key for me not to neglect my own needs and the standards I want to deliver coaching to my clients.




This highly personalized support I only want to deliver to a certain number of clients.


I decided very consciously on this. This way of working is part of my Personal Brand.




My clients are passionate about what they do—a lot.




But, often, there is this underlying belief that in order to be successful, we have to hustle and work "hard" to get the desired results.




That couldn't be further from the truth.




You can succeed and build a business you love without sacrificing your well-being.




What works for you works for your business.




It changes your whole life, if you are willing to check in on the beliefs you are operating on and, when needed, create new ones that allow you to take better care of yourself on your journey.




Making conscious decisions will help your brain to spin out of the overwhelm and replace thoughts and habits that don´t serve you with new ones to support your unique way of creating the results you want. This will change the whole experience for you while building your business and stretching yourself in the process.




Are you ready to unleash the it-factor in your life & business?


If so, reach out, and let's chat about how I can help you get there.




One step at a time. Without the whole mind drama and hustling harder. While still creating the results you want.




Create a life and business that truly feel aligned with who you are being.

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