How to choose the right coach or mentor for yourself?

Feb 26, 2023

Working with a coach or mentor can be one of the most nourishing relationships in terms of growing & learning you can experience.


This is why it is so important to choose wisely.


Coaching or mentorship is not meant to be a one-off experience.

Working with my clients, we take time to establish a deep and trusting relationship with each other.

We go deep, and I help my clients transform their relationship with themselves and their businesses on a deeper level than they think when starting out working together.


The work we do is transformational personal branding from the inside out.


My clients lean into the belief I hold for them and borrow it from me as they learn to trust themselves and seek their answers with calm and certainty.


Being authentic is one of the most powerful yet most daring attitudes to show up from for many people.


It's showing your true self, with all the edges & imprints life has left on you.


That makes you “you.”


I am drawn to the energy, and whenever I meet new people, it is not how they look or what they say but mostly the energy perceived that makes me want to know more about them.


This is how I also choose my mentors; I let my intuition guide me because I learned how to trust my inner voice.


Something my clients will experience for themselves through working with me. I am helping them to tune into their truth. Their knowing. We all hold that.


But most of us have lost the connection to our inner voice because the outside noise in this world, especially when it comes to how you “should” do business, has become so loud that we tend to turn away from what works best for us.

My business started to expand & become more and more successful when I stopped taking on so much advice and instead turned to mentors who helped me discover who I already knew I was.


This journey has been one of the most beautiful yet vulnerable experiences I was allowed to have, and whenever you come to the essence of someone or something, this is what shines most.


We all hold this shining essence within us, and it just waits for us to tune into it.


So how do you choose the right coach or mentorship for yourself?


First of all, ask yourself, what results do you want to create from working with a coach?


It is important to know what you are looking for exactly.


With my clients, I am working on three pillars in my program:


The first one is the mindset part. This is the essential part for my clients to manage their own thinking and step into their next-level selves.


In the second pillar, we are creating their unique offer and shaping their personal brand through owning their unique brilliance and connecting the dots of who they are and how to position themselves.


And the third pillar is diving into soulful marketing. There is no one way of marketing or selling as a service-based business owner.


And I don´t believe in a one-size fits all approach when it comes to marketing your personal brand & business. But in helping my clients to market and sell from what makes them unique to their best-fit clients in a way that feels aligned with who they are and what they value.


Also, I like to be transparent about my prices. I don´t want my clients to go over endless sales pages which never reveal the price for the coaching they are interested in buying.


One of my values when it comes to running my business is openness and self-respect, which I also encourage my clients to reflect on for themselves.


My clients feel very clear about the value they receive through coaching with me, and I don´t like to beat around the bush when it comes to helping them create the result they came for.


Working with me is an investment into their own future.


My clients are absolutely capable of reaching their goals for themselves. They are smart, driven & remarkable women who know that having me by their side as their coach will help them create results with much more clarity & ease while having fun during our journey together.


Growing your business is allowed to be fun, and it doesn't have to feel hard all of the time.


Most coaches provide a free consultation call online, so you can meet them and see if you “vibe” and that person's energy is a good fit for you.


Another really important thing to check in with, at least for me, is integrity.


Are they doing what they say they will when they say they will do it?


When it comes to deciding if you are looking for 1:1 coaching or group coaching, I tell my clients the following:


The difference between 1:1 coaching and group in the first place is, of course, the investment you want to decide on.


Working with me in my group coaching Magnetic Marketing is €3.000, and working with me 1:1 starts at double the investment.


When prices are going up, I am announcing this upfront and I feel good about overdelivering and serving my clients on the level that I do, whether they are working 1:1 or in a group container with me.


Working 1:1, we dive deep, and the sessions are tailored to suit my client's individual needs. With a more flexible approach, we can work at their own pace so that the client can effectively work on the results they came for with me as their thinking partner by their side.


When you are looking for a coach, ask yourself, what kind of support do I need?


Do I want to communicate with my coach outside of our weekly session?


Is it important to record the sessions so you can relisten to them? Do you want a private Facebook Community to connect with in between sessions?


I provide Voxer support for my 1:1 clients in between sessions.


Like this, they can check in with me during office hours and ensure they keep their mind in an elevated energetic state to reach their goal much smoother and faster.


As we all run busy lives, I want my clients to be able to rewatch our sessions whenever they weren't able to attend live and connect & exchange with their peers in our private Facebook Community.


Being your coach, after every session, your thinking patterns will become clearer & clearer to me, and I will be able to catch your repetitive patterns before they play out.


This is where the magic happens.


Having another brain looking at yours is priceless when it comes to creating different results in your life & business. You simply cannot do this for yourself.


Everyone who has a brain needs a coach. It´s that simple.


Whenever you choose to commit to coaching, make sure you make it your priority. The best coach in the world cannot do the heavy lifting all by him/herself. You, as the client, need to be committed to the process.


The most effective coaching is always a co-creation.


Your coach will be your guide, the person you can borrow belief from, the one at your side, yet, helping you to leave your comfort zone to outgrow yourself and your limiting beliefs of what is possible for you and your business.


Especially if you like to be amongst like-minded peers, group coaching is an unbeatable tool to grow and learn from and with others.


I always recommend my group members to come from an attitude of “Whatever someone else may bring for coaching, I will just get exactly out of it what I came for.”


Some coaching programs include an in-person experience.


Check if the timing fits into your schedule, and make sure there is an option to attend online, so you don´t miss that part of the training.


If you are working with an international coach, attending live means planning in advance for the additional costs of attending the in-person event.


Magnetic Marketing is an intimate group coaching program paired with 1:1 sessions.




I don´t know any other program in the industry that offers this value at this price point.


It will also be my last time running this program at this price.


We are starting in May.


I love to overdeliver. And I love diving deep to help my clients grow their businesses effectively.


If you want to know how working with me can help you to finally move the needle in your life & business, let´s talk.

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