How to start a group coaching program

Apr 26, 2023

If you have ever asked yourself what you need to do to start your own group coaching program, this email is for you:




There is really only one thing you have to do: You have to start.




Sounds too simple?




Well, then read my next lines.




Here are the 10 essential steps you have to follow to launch your first group coaching program:



  1. Decide the topic of the group and the result your clients will create through working with you.

  2. Decide on your methodology. Your methodologies are the skills and steps to create your client's results. This is the actual creation of your unique process.

  3. Let people know you are starting a group coaching program.

  4. Tell them the date when it is starting. Ideally, you will give yourself 30-90 days for the launch period, giving you enough time to market your program and let people know.

  5. Tell them everything they need to know about the program, including length, price, size of the group, etc.

  6. Offer the first person interested in working with you to start working with you straight away. This will be 1:1 for the first person to sign up for the price of the group coaching program. Because what is the benefit of waiting? The first one jumping in will have the amazing bonus of working with you 1:1 until the next client says yes. Then it will be 2:1.

  7. Keep repeating this until you have at least 3-4 clients signed up for the program.

  8. Then start your first group coaching program as planned.

  9. Overdeliver on every call.

  10. Don´t wait to serve any clients before the container starts. Be all in on them.



Because, really, what is the benefit of waiting?




I am all-in on doing things in the most simple & effective way.




And this is why I am inviting you to say “Hell yes” to yourself.




If you are the first to sign up for Magnetic Marketing, my intimate group coaching program, we will start coaching 1:1 next week.




Just you & me. For the same price as the group coaching program, which is currently €3.000.




You will already start creating your personal brand and growing your business with me as your thinking partner by your side.




Until the next person says yes. And the next. Until we finally begin the group container on the 30th of May.




I m so excited to see you glow, beam, and rise above yourself.




And start shifting into the person you are meant to become.




The person who stops doubting herself and her own decisions.




The CEO who knows exactly what steps to take next.




To sign the next client.




To define your unique methodology.




To create your strong personal brand that captivates and sells.




To unleash the It Factor of your Life & Business.




Because, again, what is the benefit of waiting?




If you are ready to create yourself and your business and want a thinking partner by your side, who leads you with calm confidence to build your brand and grow your business, let´s talk.




Book your free consultation call to start working with me now.




My group coaching program Magnetic Marketing is starting in May. This is an intimate high-touch group program with 1:1 support to double down


on creating your results.




I also have one spot left for 1:1 coaching starting in May.

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