How uncomfortable are you willing to get?

Apr 26, 2023

I often get asked how I was able to build a successful coaching business from the ground during my first year of coaching.




After being in business for a couple of years now, I learned that there is no magic formula or shortcut to success, as every client I work with is unique in their own way, in how they coach, and in what result they are helping their clients achieve.




But whenever I found myself being uncomfortable and willing to step into, rather than shying away from it, those were the moments when my growth curve was the steepest.




From the very beginning of my business, I knew I did not want to do this alone.




I constantly invested in my own growth as a coach and chose my mentors & coaches wisely.




Because whenever we decide to get uncomfortable, what also happens is our nervous systems easily get dysregulated, or, put into a more known phrasing;




We get into fight, flight, or freeze.




These are responses that our nervous system offers us when things get “rough.” Or at least we think they do.




There is another, not-so-known reaction, which corresponds to this, and that is fawning.




When our nervous systems respond with a fawn reaction, we shut down. We pretend not to breathe or be alive anymore because we feel we are exposed to a situation that could be life-threatening.




Showing yourself, putting yourself out there, developing your own voice, and being seen, can make our nervous systems feel like standing naked in front of a crowd that seemingly laughs at us.




The risks of truly being yourself, of allowing yourself to stand out there and to outgrow yourself, can be highly triggering.




Being seen feels like stepping out of the comfort zone of being like “anyone else.”




What is your definition of YOU?




As soon as we start creating ourselves, and step out of what everyone does, thinks, or acts like, for most of us, our nervous systems get triggered immensely.




This can go as far as your partner sees you changing, maybe your parents or your friends, and comment on this with words like “You? A life coach?” or comments you overhear that a similar to “Who does she thinks she is?”




We rather believe what people think or say about us than what we want to think about ourselves.




And this easily ends up in a circle of shame, hiding and trying to people-please, to still feel we belong.




Becoming the next-level version of yourself can feel lonely at times.




One thing I learned while becoming the person I am today is:




Other people´s opinions about me are none of my business. Never.




What other people say about you has more to do with them than it could ever have with you.




This is what I deeply integrated into my being.




Growing as a person, most of the time, asks us to get uncomfortable with the truths we live by in our lives.




Of course, you can do this on your own. You´ve got this.




I did it by choosing the right mentor & coach and tuning up my tolerance for getting uncomfortable while getting all the coaching I needed whenever I felt I fell off the wagon or my nervous system got out of control.




This support was priceless for me.




It freed me from staying stuck in old thinking patterns that no longer served me, creating the life I wanted to live and the business I wanted to build.




This is what I love helping my clients do for themselves too.




Owning their brilliance and being unapologetically themselves.




And learning how this is the best thing that can happen to them & their business.




If you want to take this work deeper, become the most magnetic version of yourself, take all the guesswork out of your marketing, and start making the money you know you are meant to, there are two ways to work with me right now:




My group coaching Magnetic Marketing is starting May 30th.




This is an intimate group coaching program with high-touch 1:1 support during our time together.

We work on exactly this: Being your true self and embracing your brilliance so you can develop a strong personal brand that sets you apart and makes you magnetic to your best-fit clients.

Your investment is 3k for four months.

If you want the most intimate support, I have one spot for 1:1 coaching open starting in May.

Working 1:1 with me starts at 6k.


See you there, my friends!

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