Masterful Future Thinking

Apr 19, 2022

The more I work with entrepreneurs and coaches on building their brands, the more I get clear on one thing:


It is not about the funnel or the ads or the money you are willing to send to Google.


It is about the thoughts you have about yourself. It´s the mindset that matters. How you perceive yourself.


That is why self-image work is one of the most important things while building your personal brand.


The „how-to“ is not what keeps you from creating the life and business you want.


It is what you choose to think about yourself. Self-confidence is a product of the ability to think masterfully about your


future, ergo about yourself.


Selling your services as a service-based entrepreneur implies many skillsets. And one of them is deciding on who you are being. And having learned the tools that enable you to uplevel your thinking.

Selective amnesia versus selective attention.

I like to call it selective amnesia vs selective attention; being willing to focus on the best-case scenario thinking instead of obsessing over telling yourself you „don´t know how“.


Our brains are designed to look for the thing that goes wrong. Where there could be something life-threatening going on. Putting it simply; our brain always tries to keep us safe. Safe, in this case, means a situation the brain is already familiar with.


Whenever we want to expand ourselves, when we want to grow into the next best version of ourselves, our mind goes into survival mode. Sensing danger. Because it is new.


So once we understand how our mind works, we can start to gently stretch our thinking. Going from unintentional thinking to intentional thinking.


Focusing on what already works, instead of telling yourself constantly it is not good enough. You have to be able to shift your attention to where you already see growth.


It´s deciding what you think on purpose and doing that over and over again.


Most of us go through life thinking that we ARE our thoughts. That what we are thinking is our reality.


I teach my clients how our thoughts are creating our reality and that they can intentionally choose the thoughts they want to think.


The results we are having in our lives display the quality of the thoughts we choose to think. It´s that simple and yet so life-changing.


I call it the discipline of emotional mastery. Masterful future thinking that is rooted in consistent bad-ass thinking instead of indulging in worst-case scenario thinking.


Self-image work is creating yourself on purpose; Knowing what makes you unique. And what you and only you bring to the table. Which problem do you solve for your client and how?


Like every art, this is something that must be practiced skillfully. And daily. It´s about what you decide to focus on in your everyday life. What you consume. And who consumes you.


Self-coaching is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for yourself. Knowing what is going on in your head. And understanding how you can go a layer deeper.


Deciding whom you want to be. Take ownership of your results.


If you are interested in experiencing how working with a coach can completely change your self-perception, don´t hesitate to contact me.


I can help you to blow your mind. Let´s go.

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