Stop cold-selling people on social media

Nov 18, 2022

I am being selfish! And I mean it.


I have created this post so that whenever I get one of these cold-selling “How are you? How long have you been working as a coach?"or "Are you able to accept 30-50 more leads per month?" messages on social media, I will just send this post as an answer:


Ok, but first, let's have a closer look at things;


Trying to cold-sell people on social media is not only time-consuming for the one cold-selling but even worse for the one getting sold.


Don't get me wrong;


I love people, and because of that, I am answering every friendly message I get.


I do. And I also LOVE to buy coaching and services related to this amazing industry.


But here is the big "BUT":


I hate, and I mean H-A-T-E, that people steal my time and attention by trying to sell me on anything I haven't asked for. (I know it´s just a thought, and decided to keep this!)


Let me be bold. I don't want your service.


I know that before you even tell me what it is. Why do I know this?


Because I don't buy from random people I don't trust, who come "knocking at my door" trying to start a conversation with me to sell me stuff I haven't asked for!


Don't steal my time and take advantage of me being friendly and interested in you as a human being.


So please don't be that person!


Let's have a conversation.


But don't try to sell me anything. I haven't asked for that. And trust me, I won't buy it. For sure, not from you.


Why am I telling you this?


Because this kind of marketing is the worst kind of marketing that there is.


Just stay away from it!


For me, the most successful marketing as a service-based biz owner is creating such a strong personal brand that people trust you being the expert on whatever it is they are looking for.


Your best-fit clients are the ones that are so happy they have finally found you and cannot wait to start working with you because you directly speak to them through who you are being all day, every day, and also in your business.


You are embodying, living, and breathing your brand. And you have been providing value and creating trust for your potential clients through being you.


They will love what you have to offer and trust you by how you show up in the world ON REPEAT, how you write copy, how you talk about what you have to offer, and how they experience you visually. I call it your magic sauce.


You position yourself as an expert for their exact problem, and working with you will be a no-brainer decision because they feel like they have finally found the right person to help them with their exact problem.


It is THEM coming to you, and NOT, the other way around. You attract them. You are magnetic to them.


If you still haven´t figured out how to do this for the service you are offering, let´s have a chat.


Let´s get to know each other and see where you are at with your brand and message, and find out if I can support you in creating a strong personal brand that sells without "selling".


I want you to leave inspired about whatever decision you are making, knowing that the time we spent together leaves you feeling more connected to what is possible for you.


No one wants to be sold.


But everyone wants help from the person they feel is the one who can finally help them with the exact problem they are facing.


Maybe remember this the next time you are starting a conversation with a stranger.


Sending love, Nina




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