What do you truly think about yourself?

May 16, 2023

When I started my coaching journey and began narrowing down my niche, I called myself Self-Image & Personal Branding Coach.




Today, I know it is not so much about the title you give yourself in your Instagram bio but more about how we see & understand ourselves.




Because you can never truly outgrow your self-perception.




What we think about ourselves at this moment greatly defines what is possible in our future.




With every sneaky little thought that you allow to belittle yourself, and may it be as harmless as “I am not good at marketing” (that maybe even feels very true to you), or also a true showstopper like “I still haven´t figured everything out myself, so how can I call myself a life coach?”, you are teaching your subconscious mind, what is possible for you and what isn´t.




My very first business coach, who I hired right after my certification a few years ago, was a biiiig stretch for me.




Not only in terms of the investment, which was 5 figures for four months of coaching after already spending another 5 figures on my certification but also how I taught my subconscious mind and inner self-perception to think of myself.




I was all-in on myself. I decided that this was it. That this was going to work.




Yes or yes.




Whenever self-doubt kicked in - and let me be honest - that was many, many times, and I brought this to my coach during one of our sessions, she brought up something that I never forgot ever since and that I come back to as many times as possible:




It was a simple suggestion to one of my recurring thoughts of deeply doubting myself:




She said: “Nina, what if you could just leave a door open in your mind, and if only a little crack, that you actually are exactly the person who can do this? What if leaving open this door is all you need to move towards this version of yourself who is a successful coach?”




At this very moment, my whole life changed, and I had a deep insight: In the coaching world, we talk a lot about “believing” until it happens, “believing harder,” etc.




I am not such a big fan of this because believing won´t be enough to really get there.




Having this conversation with my coach, I understood that evolving into my next-level self wouldn´t happen overnight, but with me, creating the possibility to think of it as a reality that was mine.




I like to call it being before having energy.




Tapping into it.




And maybe just a step at a time.




Informing my subconscious mind that we would need to buckle up because this door was open to another version of myself.




And whenever I had days with a bolder energy that I created with the help of my coach, I started to glimpse through this crack. And felt like this was me.




I embodied this new version of myself. Little by little.




The most astounding thing about coaching is that whatever insight or growth curve you take, you will never return to the old version of yourself.




You will only move forward.




You will grow. And if you have the right coach by your side, you will start to embrace the pain of discomfort.




Because, you know, that discomfort is the currency for success. And the road to freedom.




The freedom to become who you have decided. And to build the business you secretly know is meant for you.




I have strengthened my discomfort muscle quite a bit over the last few years.




And oftentimes, I truly wasn´t prepared for it.




Did I love it all of the time? Hell no!




I sometimes still have days when I feel like the whole thing doesn´t work and I cannot do this.




And guess what? I learned over the years that this is completely normal, and it often happens when I am about to take a leap in my self-image.




I just decided not to buy into it 100% anymore.




I close my eyes and envision this famous door in my mind that this first coach of mine had opened years ago. I take a deep breath, take one step forward, and can literally feel the warmth of the light on the other side of the door on my mental skin.




This is who I am.




The light on the other side of the door. Not my limiting beliefs about what is possible for me that my mind tries to inform me about.




And this is what I help my clients with as well today.




We open that door in your mind.




And I promise, you will never want to shut it again, as the light on the other side feels like the biggest “Hell yes!” you ever told yourself.






If this resonates with you and you want to take this work deeper, to become the most magnetic version of yourself, and take all the guesswork out of growing your business, I invite you to join my Magnetic Marketing Mastermind.



We start May 30th.



Magnetic Marketing is an intimate group coaching program with high-touch 1:1 support during our time together. And if you are saying yes to working with me right now, I will start coaching you 1:1 directly from now on for the same investment of the group coaching program until the next one says yes. Then it is 2:1.



We work on exactly this:



Owning your brilliance so you can develop a strong personal brand, grow your business and create clients you love working with - on repeat!


Open that door, my friend!



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