Why Everyone Should Hire a Life Coach

Feb 09, 2022

Hi! My name is Nina Lacher and I am a certified Life Coach.


Whenever I talk to people, may it be at a dinner party or where ever I meet them and we start having a conversation, at one point, they ask me what I do for a living?


As soon as I am mentioning that I am a Life Coach people usually get very interested.


As a Life Coach?


But what exactly do you do? What exactly does a Life Coach do?


I often sense that most people have a very abstract idea about coaching.


It´s almost like it´s this whoo hoo thing, that somehow sounds fancy, but it's hard to grasp, hard to explain, if you haven´t experienced it for yourself. it's


And I agree.


To explain what you experience while having a deep Transformational Coaching Session is almost as if you want to find words for the moment you started to see something shift inside you. Something you cannot describe with words, but once you had this very insight, you will never be the same person you were before.


It´s a complete game-changer. Let me try to tell your why;


Working with a coach is something highly personal, it´s like you have a thinking partner that shows you your mind.


She plays on your team and can see what you cannot see for yourself.


We are too close to ourselves and most people think that their identity is fixed, but the truth is, as we go through life, we also evolve as a person. Our so-called "identity" is nothing else but the intention of our ego to find labels for our thoughts.


So whenever we get challenged to look behind the idea of what we have learned in our cultural context if something is "right" or "wrong", our ego will take care that we stay in this safe, learned way of thinking and being.


I believe, we have to reinvent ourselves constantly. We are meant to grow. We are meant to design the life that we want for ourselves.


This is what Coaching is about. Creating possibility.


Your thoughts are creating your reality. Your thought patterns keep you from playing your best game in your personal life or business.


By asking the right questions at the right moment, by listening deeply, not only with their ears but with every sense they are having, your coach can hear, what has been left unsaid.


She can see your brilliance, before you can see it for yourself.


She doesn´t decide on it for you, because that is not what coaching is about. It is about having someone at your side, who helps you to become the person, you always dreamed of being, maybe because you forgot how to dream once you started to be a serious grown-up person, with all the responsibilities that come along with putting on an identity that you call "this is who I am". Maybe you have forgotten how to dream at all. And you feel like at and dead-end road in your life. No matter how successful you may be.


Success says very little about being happy on the inside. Success without fulfillment


is the ultimate failure.


Transformational Coaching is a playground for the wildest personal growth or change that you cannot imagine the moment you start working with your coach.


And that´s the magic about it; Your coach will believe in your potential, even if you don´t.


She will stand for you when you feel you can´t. She will be able to hear the words between the lines and help you find them.


She will be able to hold you to grow into a new version of yourself when you let go of old beliefs.


Most important: Coaching is not therapy.


Therapy helps you to look into what has happened in the past. Coaching focuses on what is and what will be.


It is future work. And very powerful, because it changes you forever.


Once you get past a certain pattern, your coach will help you practice embracing the new version of yourself. To create a new, intentional way of being. To intentionally decide who you are being in this world.


To design a life that you feel so passionate about, you just cannot wait to take it out into the world.

Personality is a damaging myth. It´s just not true, that you are stuck with who you are. You can be whomever you think you need to be. It just starts with your commitment.
- Steve Chandler

If you want to dream bigger, I am here to help. I love showing people their superpowers. Let me show you yours.


Let´s go.

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