Why your clients will never buy coaching

Mar 25, 2023

Many coaches, even seasoned ones, are having difficulties selling coaching because they think it is something intangible.


But how to sell something at a high-ticket fee that is intangible?


And yes, it is possible, but your selling skills need to be so advanced that your client buys into your energy, into “your personality.”


This often feels even scarier because it all depends on how they perform during their consultation call.


But know your clients are NEVER buying coaching.


And they also don´t buy a tool or a modality.


Trying to sell coaching by talking about a modality or a tool you use, you will likely struggle because people cannot see themselves and the vision they are secretly hoping & holding for themselves in this.


You want to learn to talk about what their transformation will look like, their life after having worked with you.


Because what they really buy is:


✨ Their transformation


✨ The outcome they desire


✨ The result they want


But NEVER coaching.


No one is interested in all the little steps of the way. It feels like they have to do the heavy lifting before they even say yes to working with you.


They are interested in the bigger picture and in you holding the belief for them that whatever they came for is as good as done.


Absolutely doable.


Success inevitable.


They want you to hold the vision for them until they can truly embody it for themselves.


Taking your sales process from intangible to tangible, from vague to nailing, is what I teach my clients while working with me.


It is one of the most important skills you want to master as you take your client creation from hoping they will say “YES” to knowing how to take them through what they can expect from working with you and why working with you will take them there.


It takes all the guesswork out of your communication with your clients.


They will experience a sense of calm & clarity when they say yes to working with you.


In my group coaching program, Magnetic Marketing, I teach a simple and efficient way so you discover what your clients are willing to pay for and how to use this most naturally and elegantly while talking to your best-fit clients.


You want to understand the problems and struggles they are facing better than they can and take them through a journey where they can see themselves winning at the end.


It all starts with you.


It is as simple as that.


Embodying who you are and choosing words that resonate with your best-fit clients are one of the most important skills you can learn as a successful coach, personal brand, or service-based biz owner and will help you to create clients consistently.


On repeat.


Learning to talk about what’s in it for your clients and having fun doing so.


The clients that are working with me are ready to leave confusion and self-doubt behind. They are ready to own their brilliance and lean into what makes them the go-to expert for their best-fit clients.


They know they are all in on themselves and ready to go because they know that working with me will help them create their personal brand and grow their business with confidence and clarity.


Embodying who you are is key to creating clients on repeat.


I opened the doors to my Magnetic Marketing Group Coaching in May.


It is a high-touch hybrid group coaching container, with 1:1 sessions that make your success inevitable.


We are starting in May.


If you are ready to enter the room, contact me for more information or your book your free consultation call.


I am excited to meet you.

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