You don’t need to sell your soul to become successful at marketing.

Aug 31, 2023

As a passionate Personal Branding & Marketing Coach, I want to address a common misconception that lingers in the realm of coaches & service providers:


It’s the idea that in order to become really good at selling your services, you have to compromise your integrity. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


You don’t need to sell your soul to become successful at marketing.


On the contrary, really good marketing feels fun. It feels like the extension of the legacy you want to leave in this world.


And, of course, you still have to get things done. Running a coaching or service-based business involves a multitude of tasks, and marketing is certainly one of them. Still, when you truly tap into marketing your services in a way that resonates with how you want to do business, chances are high that you will start enjoying the often so-feared marketing & selling part of your business.


But let’s start at the beginning: Why do so many client-based biz owners dread marketing?


Because they have somehow connected marketing to trying to convince people into something, and it feels like they are taking something (money) from someone else that they shouldn’t.


My clients' relationship with money is often a complex one or one they’d rather not look at.


To become a financially independent entrepreneur, you want to sort out your relationship with money, marketing, and selling your services.


You need to be “sold” on what you offer first. If you don’t believe working with you will benefit your clients, it will most likely be unpredictable if your business flourishes.


Another misconception I have experienced in almost every client I have worked with is the underlying belief that they shouldn’t take too much space and that talking about what they do and offer is simply bragging, and that almost feels like a deadly sin.




This toxic belief runs undercover with another extremely damaging thought: "Who should be interested in what I have to say?” or “I don’t have enough experience to tell people I am an expert” (and to connect it with the above thinking pattern, “and have them pay for it.).”


I call this behavioral pattern “discounting” on yourself.


Discounting often appears harmless or even a noble, modest behavior, but it is far from harmless.


It is pure poison.




It is what keeps you stuck at where you are. Small and bound to a negative self-image, which has no advantage at all.


There are thought patterns we need to interrupt the moment they appear in our minds.


They are like weeds. And they will return if you haven’t developed a rock-solid antidotal against sabotaging yourself.


And, of course, we can dive into mindset work here, into “building belief,” which I always underline while working with my clients.


But there is one thing that is extremely helpful when creating momentum. That is diving into your values and connecting them with your purpose.


At the heart of personal branding lies the alignment of values. Your values are the compass that guides your actions, decisions, and interactions.


When you create your personal brand on values that matter to you, you're naturally drawn to ethical and honest marketing practices.


Ethical marketing involves marketing your products or services while not tapping into persuasion marketing strategies, like “PAS” (problem, agitate, solution), which are widely taught in marketing programs for client-based businesses.


My clients become masterful at communicating their business and services without the use of marketing strategies that shame someone into needing a service because you put the finger into the wound by using painpoint marketing.


Instead, they experience that messages that still help the client to understand that you get their current struggles but are rooted in painting a vision and creating a scenario of hope and possibilities are at least as effective as the so-called trigger marketing.


I teach marketing as a triangle of interdependent strategies: Your self-perception, your values & purpose (which basically form your personal brand), and the combination of both in your unique marketing message.


My clients master this process while working 1:1 with me and, of course, in my Mastermind Magnetic Marketing.


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